The Grey Area Between Growth & Lifestyle CEOs

We’ve all heard about Growth and Lifestyle CEOs. What kind of CEO are you? The latter runs a steady, stable business, likely for many years. The former focuses on buying, growing and selling enterprises, focusing on the top line, profitability and overall value. One is not better than the other; but, the decision to adopt […]

Slingshot Strategies

How large do you want your business to grow? You’ve made your first million in revenue, but you envision something bigger and greater for your business. A business grows steadily up to a certain threshold, where its capacity is maxed. You can’t take on additional contracts or staff. At this equilibrium point, growth flat-lines. If […]

Growth Inhibitors

What’s standing in the way of your business’ success? Patrick Lee identifies 6 principle categories of obstacles that confront small business owners as they attempt to push their way up to a more sophisticated level of operation, and run greater, larger organizations. Your Inhibitors could be The Founder’s Cap, Infrastructure, a The Jack-of-All Trades, Marketing […]

The Great Small Business Plateau

Has your small business’ initial growth and success suddenly stopped growing? The momentum from your initial capital, government funding, and green, enthusiastic staff, has petered out. You’ve pushed your way through your first year, growing the topline each month. But now, the magic is gone. Meanwhile, you’re feeling pressured to work harder and faster just […]