Add-On Packages

Are you being honest about your impact on your business?The Spark Business Institute (SBI) helps owners better understand their personal and company strengths and weaknesses so they can take the right steps to achieve business goals. This website offers a quick, initial Free Plateau Assessment, and then a comprehensive Spark Business Diagnostic that provides impressive insights into what is really going on in your business. After you take the Diagnostic, we offer additional evaluations outlined below to assess specific aspects of your team’s talent and skills.

The SBI team is available to answer questions and help you better understand the results you receive from the Diagnostic and any of the add on packages below.

How do your skills (or that of your leadership team) best apply to what your business needs?
How are you as the owner interacting to drive initiatives within your business? Gain insight into how you are meeting challenges based on your specific leadership skills. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so some leadership skills come naturally, while others are a challenge. This package assesses you and your leadership team across the six essential skills within Vision, Alignment and Execution. (For example, do you find that you seek closure instead of remaining open? For visioning to occur it is beneficial to remain open.) We will pinpoint where the organization is going to thrive and where it may struggle so you can address the skills your leadership team needs to succeed. 
Are you and your leadership team equipped for innovation? 

Gain insight into your specific Innovation Quotient. Drill down into your ability to handle risk and be creative. When we combine the two, we see your ability to innovate. We can pinpoint your mindset: are you somebody who has lots of ideas, but you will never take the risk to see them through? Are you a risk taker, but don’t have the creativity, or are you somebody who is not equipped (both by risk and by creativity to do more than manage the status quo), or are you somebody who can innovate and do it all?

If you need to innovate to grow or adjust to evolving markets, the Innovation Package will show you who within your organization should lead the effort and who will hold you back. 

Do you have the right people to achieve disruptive growth?

Are you capable of growth, or just trying really hard to optimize what already exists? “Let’s get some more clients, increase sales, rejigger our pricing…” That’s optimization disguised as growth. Real disruptive growth is  doubling or tripling revenue, opening new locations; it means affecting real, lasting change in your organization.

Growth is Hard, Right? You need to break established patterns and try new things. You have to push the envelope, and if you’re not fully behind the effort, if you’re not super motivated, the heavy effort, tension and risk may stop you cold. 

What motivates you and your company’s leadership? Are you motivated by economics? That’s a good indicator that growth is something you will be motivated to do. Do you have the positivity to negativity ratio for real growth? Do you have the necessary attainment /avoidance skills? Are you problem solvers? Will you self-sabotage? Know before you go in and spend the effort. 

Are your motivations aligned for high growth or are your motivations aligned for other aspects of business. We’re not assessing your ability. We’re assessing your willingness.

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