3 Big Reasons to Stop Micromanaging Your Employees

Previously, we discussed what happens when business owners get stuck in the Founder’s Cap, and believe that they alone must make all the decisions that propel the company forward. Owners often get tripped up by thinking that they have to manage every detail of the operation – after all, no one understands it as well […]

Is It Time For A Slingshot Strategy?

Lifestyle and growth companies are completely different animals. A Lifestyle CEO starts or purchases a business to provide stable income, in an industry they know well. These are the people who put their software coding skills to use by opening a web development business or who go after their dream of opening a family restaurant. […]

3 Reasons Why You Haven’t Hired Experts (And Why That’s Bad Business)

If you are going to get past a plateau, one of the most important factors is getting your key personnel on board. What often ends up happening is that a founder caps business growth by hiring people beneath his or her own competency level. That is, he or she doesn’t hire anyone with greater knowledge, […]

Not Sure How to Motivate Your Team? Why Not Ask Them?

When it comes to incentives, what managers believe their employees want and what employees actually want are often different. Ask managers to name the best reward they can offer their people and most will likely say that it’s money. Yet research shows that in reality, employees rank pay far lower than managers expect. While money […]

The Pros & Cons of Sharing Office Space

Shared office space is a smart solution for some businesses, but definitely not for all. Here are five key considerations to help you decide whether sharing office space is right for your business: Does everyone really need their own fax machine? When I’ve worked with organizations with limited resources, I’ve often asked why individual organizations […]

Do You Truly Want To Be A Growth CEO?

Professor William Wetzel, a venture capital expert, is credited as the first person to use the term “lifestyle business.” In these companies, he said, “there’s no upside potential for creating wealth.” Today, the term “lifestyle business” is oftentimes used dismissively. The companies we respect most – Apple, Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola – are growth companies with […]

Are You Suffering From These Common Growth Inhibitors?

Many factors can inhibit your business from growing. Here are four of the most common growth inhibitors and a strategy to deal with them: Day-to-day operations overwhelm the owner. The most frequent growth inhibitor I see is that the owner becomes overwhelmed by operations, so that they become a production cog instead of the person […]

3 Characteristics of High-Performing People

As a small business owner, you are likely attracted to working with high-performing employees. Not only are they consistent, highly capable multi-taskers and confident team players, most of them possess the same entrepreneurial drive that prompted you to start your own venture. These top employees are good for the bottom line. A growing company needs […]

Effective Communication Skills: Seeing The Business from your Employee’s POV

You’ve probably seen the television show Undercover Boss where the CEO or owner takes on an entry level position in his or her company—and gets an education in what’s really going on. But you don’t really need to pretend to be someone you’re not to see your business from your employees’ point of view. As […]

Tune Your Marketing & Positioning To Your Business Goals

Does a doctor who owns her own practice run a business? If she opens an office and treats patients, then no, she simply owns her own book of clients. If she opens an office, acquires patients, hires more doctors, reduces her practice hours, opens more offices, and manages those instead, then yes – she’s running […]