Spark Business Diagnostic

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what super strengths you bring to your job of being a business leader? And wouldn’t it be great to identify your kryptonite – where your business skills could be stronger?

FREE QUIZ – Take this quick, 5-minute quiz and we’ll begin to show you the barriers that may be slowing your business growth and success.

FULL ASSESSMENT – The full 90-minute evaluation is a bit of a commitment, but it is worth the time and cost. The report you receive will give you a unique, in-depth look at both your business and your leadership team.

"Our business was stagnant, it was making money but we were not growing. Spark Business Institute showed us how to take our business to the next level. Thank you!"
Small Business Owner

What Will I Learn from this Assessment?

Within 72 hours you will receive an in-depth document in PDF form that summarizes your results with further explanation on the challenges identified. Your business diagnostic results will provide:
  1. A critical assessment of the transparency of your leadership team. Are you honest enough with yourself to see things for what they really are and react straightforwardly or are you prone to creating scenarios that sound so much better, but are only tenuously attached to what is actually happening?
  2. An assessment of the “battery” that powers you and your leadership team. Everyone wakes up in the morning with a certain amount of energy to tackle the day. Did you know that each person has a unique battery size that varies only slightly from day-to-day? Matching what it will take to the battery size available is a critical component of predicting success.
  3. An understanding of your preferred method for decision making.
  4. A clear inventory of your strengths for success and challenges you need to overcome.
An assessment of your business’ inhibitors – they can include: Founder’s Cap, Jack-of-all-Trades Mentality, Personnel, Infrastructure, Technology, and Market Facing Potential.

What to Expect

This is a serious Business Diagnostic assessment tool. If you take the time to provide the real numbers and answer questions open and honestly, your results will be on target. Rest assured the information you provide, and your final results are completely private and protected.

What it Requires:
  • About 90 minutes free from distraction
  • Have your financials (3-5 years of Profit & Loss statements) available
  • You will be sent two links:

First is the Business Evaluator (business structure & performance)

Second is the Mindset Evaluator (personality, management style, strengths, weaknesses)

What Does it Cost?

This online assessment costs $1,200. It will take about 90 minutes of your time. Success of this business diagnostic depends on your commitment to providing honest, open answers to a wide range of questions about you and your business.

So, I Take this Assessment, then What?

Information is power. The comprehensive report you receive will give you important insights and a new perspective on your business. Armed with an understanding of your specific roadblocks, you can decide how to best attack them – whether to hire outside experts or work on your challenges internally. We can also connect you with a trusted SBI resource if personalized assistance is desired.
"Spark helped us identify the things that were holding our business back. Things I didn't even see."
Small Business Owner

A deep dive to understand your business.

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A deep dive to understand your business.