Who is Spark

The Spark Business Institute is a discovery company. We’ve spent years refining proven diagnostic methodologies and creating new ones to develop the Spark Assessment and related tools. Our mission was to cut to the heart of what drives business owners and their businesses, identifying the strengths and weaknesses that could take years to pinpoint with traditional entrepreneur consulting or coaching.
Patrick Lee

Chief Ignitor of Business Growth

Throughout his career, Patrick Lee has sought out diverse experiences, gaining insight into business and the minds of business owners. A serial entrepreneur, Patrick understands the challenges leaders face as they try to maintain momentum. Through his work with the Spark Business Institute, he helps small and mid-sized businesses overcome obstacles to success and establish sound strategy for the future.

After growing and selling his own business, then consulting with a wide range of small companies, Patrick Lee saw this plateau pattern emerge. Download Patrick’s book for a more detailed explanation of this principle, with lots of real small business examples.

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