Is It Time For A Slingshot Strategy?

Lifestyle and growth companies are completely different animals. A Lifestyle CEO starts or purchases a business to provide stable income, in an industry they know well. These are the people who put their software coding skills to use by opening a web development business or who go after their dream of opening a family restaurant. […]

3 Reasons Why You Haven’t Hired Experts (And Why That’s Bad Business)

If you are going to get past a plateau, one of the most important factors is getting your key personnel on board. What often ends up happening is that a founder caps business growth by hiring people beneath his or her own competency level. That is, he or she doesn’t hire anyone with greater knowledge, […]

The Pros & Cons of Sharing Office Space

Shared office space is a smart solution for some businesses, but definitely not for all. Here are five key considerations to help you decide whether sharing office space is right for your business: Does everyone really need their own fax machine? When I’ve worked with organizations with limited resources, I’ve often asked why individual organizations […]

Are You Suffering From These Common Growth Inhibitors?

Many factors can inhibit your business from growing. Here are four of the most common growth inhibitors and a strategy to deal with them: Day-to-day operations overwhelm the owner. The most frequent growth inhibitor I see is that the owner becomes overwhelmed by operations, so that they become a production cog instead of the person […]

How Do You Measure Business Capacity?

If you ask the owner of a new small business, “How much do you want to increase sales?” they’ll likely answer: “As much as possible. Keep them coming!” Enthusiasm abounds in the early life of a business, but capacity can’t be ignored. Capacity is a business’s maximum output in a given time; it is what […]

Are Infrastructure Limitations Holding Your Business Back?

In 1993, I founded the Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank, in a 3300 square foot space. The venue also housed an emergency veterinary clinic, and offices for a group of specialists. As the blood bank business grew, the team began to debate the idea of a new, larger space. We were divided. “Why do you need […]